A deep relationship with your brand.
Integrated campaigns that let your audience interact, engage and experience your brand.


Access to an exclusive database of media elite, early adopters, influencers/bloggers
And celebrities who are knowledgeable about the latest trends in digital marketing and social media
Ongoing research to stay up to date.
Linking the offline world with the online world.


GPH offers high-quality integrated marketing communications, social media, media production, fashion consultancy, event production and public relations. Basically everything your brand needs to launch or boost its activities! We are a management and creative team with high expectations of our work and the brands we work with. Our passion does not stop at creative ideas - it runs through everything we do: insightful strategic thinking, compelling art direction, high-quality branding and meticulous production


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We Build Growth

Hadia Ghaleb, Founder of Ghaleb Production House (GPH) and the Hadia Ghaleb swimwear brand.

Hadia has 2.4 million followers on Instagram, has been featured on Forbes 30 under 30 for being a 29 woman with a trendsetter international brand. All at the same time,GPH has partnered with dozens of global brands, including Oppo, Namshi, Ray-Ban, Chopard and Swarovski. She founded the production and marketing company in 2014 - her first step into the business world, which paved the way for her to launch her swimwear brand nine years later.

Within two months, gph had over 40 clients, including the Kuwait-based Alshaya Group. In 2016, GPH opened a second office in dubai, whose brands include luxottica group, lifestyle, centrepoint, landmark, namshi and jollychic.